Urmila Maa Foundation is the most marginalised women and girls to alleviate poverty and reduce social injustice through comprehensive programmes in health, education, livelihoods and humanitarian assistance and rehabilitation.

Our Misssion


Miss Pooja Sharma
CMD & Founder
Urmilamaa foundation

We believe every human being have the right to get education, right to get food, home , work, clothes etc. whenever I see street beggers I always feel to change the monopoly of the society that why these people sitting on road why these people not getting education why these people not get food, all these questions motivate us to start this platform on the Name of my Mom’s Urmilamaa Foundation . This Foundation completely focusing on the street beggers and improving their lifestyle. Our focus is to give them employment to educate them to give quality life . A country cant be a successful countries if their street have beggers on roads. So through this foundation we really want to improve this society & we wish by our small step some more people would inspired & come a head for making this vision more successfully.


Mr Ankur Bansal
MD & Co - Founder Urmilamaa foundation

when we see on the other side of the society , we realise how poor people are , they dont even get essentials things , they even not aware of bread , milk , fruits, because they did not get . several times i have seen poor children on street are more talented then those who are living a luxury life's. so our vision is to support those street poors who really beliefs in them and want to change their life as a ordinary man. through this vision we will save & adopt atleast few children ,the one upcoming talented future of india. i believe that will be the achievement of my life . i have been a very ordinary background , but my dreams were big , and my pocket was empty . so i really understand the feel of hungryness.

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